Thursday, April 19, 2012

Aloha to RT Booklovers' Convention - Jodi Thomas and Sarah Wendell

Aloha!  I am posting recaps of the RT Booklovers' Convention at SOS Aloha (at this link).   I'd like to share a sequence of pictures following the panel FINDING THE EXTRAORDINARY IN THE ORDINARY.  Authors Jodi Thomas (at this link) and Sarah Wendell (at this link) continued their discussion after the panel.

Sarah frequently asks readers to "caption" pictures on her blog ... so let's caption Sarah and Jodi:

I welcome your captions ... keep 'em clean!  Captions are open through Monday, April 23, 10 pm in Hawaii. I'll post the winner on Tuesday, April 24.  The winner receives a book choice from my convention stash.  This contest is open to all readers.


Kim in Hawaii


  1. 1. "To do the hula right, you have to make sure you're focused"
    "Why don't I let you show me the right way?"

    2. "Stand on a flat surface and balance on both feet while bending your knees and swaying your hips"
    "Really? You expect me to do both at the same time?"

    3. "Yes, it's not hard"
    "Yeah, I'll believe it when I see you do it"

  2. - "I think I will just stay up on the surface of the water."
    "No need to swim down deep, you can snorkel over the reef."

    - "Then I should just dive right in with this."

    - "If you do get into trouble, just look for the hunkiest lifeguard or surfer."

  3. Aloha, Marybelle! Love your dialogue!

  4. You have to do it this way.

    NO it is this way

    That still is not right, but do it the way you want

  5. Oh Kim, I can't resist this, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to be "naughty" here.

    "My husband's is this big".

    "Really? Well, my husband's is this big even when flaccid".

    "Hmm, well, no wonder you always look so worn out and have a problem walking sometimes".

  6. Tell me again, how big were they?

    I swear, they were only this tall.

    Well, if you say so, but I've never seen them that small before.

    You can guess what they are referring to lol.

  7. "I like to weigh them in my palms."

    "Oh, yeah. I just grab them."

    "I see your point."

  8. 1. Now when I'm preparing my baby I hold it in one hand and then pat it like this for good luck before I send it off.

    2. No, it's much more effective to handle him like this.

    3. You don't understand, I'm talking about my new book not a baby!

  9. she told us to hold the coconut in our right hand...and the pound of butter in your left.

    Then after you have applied the butter nice and evenly press the coconut so it sticks. you think we forgot a step or was he supposto end up looking like the Bumble from that claymation Rudolph's movie?

  10. 1. And this is how I'll present you to the fans.
    (pounds fist) I'm ready!

    2. So this is where all our fans will be?
    The room looks kind of small; do you think everyone will fit?

    3. Probably not. We have a lot of fans. We'll need another room.

  11. 1) Our hero swooped up her up.

    2) Our heroine when splat when dropped.

    3) 911 doesn't work in Europe.

  12. 1. "On the other hand, the hero was wondering what about his kilt that caused the heroine to laugh so."

    "So, he did not see the rip in the fabric."

    2. "She hovered about this high. I kid you not. It was so much fun to visit your friendly witch."

    "Ehh I'm thinking about passing.

    3. "Not sure I want to touch that right there."

  13. Do u remember how to do the macarana,
    Hey macarana, hey lol

  14. Photo 1
    Jodi: So Sarah dear, when you say you learned EVERYTHING about love from romance books, did you mean…?
    Sarah: Well no, NO not that.

    Photo 2
    Jodi: Ok. But surely, you know that in Texas, size-wise for instance, there are differences.
    Sarah: Noooooooooooo. You mean?

    Photo 3
    Jodi: Oh, yes dear.
    Sarah: Oh. Well. No. I didn’t know.

    Photo 4
    Jodi: Of course, I’d love to have you visit me in Texas. Anytime.
    Sarah: (Smiles)

  15. 1. Maybe you could have a hero who time travels between your contemporary and historical stories.

    2. How is this time travel done? Do they just hold out their arms like this?

    3. Er, no I think it just happens, when you don't expect it, something like that.