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DUCHESS OF SIN - Book #2 in the Daughters of Erin Trilogy - Laurel McKee

DUCHESS OF SIN - Book #2 in the Daughters of Erin Trilogy - Laurel McKee

November 30, 2010 - Grand Central Publishing - Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages

Heartwarming and entertaining story bundled with a history lesson

Lady Anna Blacknall was the toast of the ton and pursued by every unmarried man. She thought of herself as attractive but not stunning and wondered what kind of match was out there for her. Anna was also the master of pretense and knew how to act properly and ensure that everyone knew how happy and content she was even though it was all a rouse. Anna sought a love match but knows that does not always produce the result you want when it is expected of you to find a titled gentleman to provide for you and your family. Anna had been pursued by Grant Dunmore who was attractive and indeed titled but it turned out his cousin and mortal enemy, Conlan McTeer, the Duke of Adair was the titled, handsome and absolutely intoxicating man for Anna. He was danger and seduction in one package that kept her up at night dreaming of his touch and longing for his kiss.

Conlan and Anna had both survived the Uprising that had caused so much division between Ireland and England and knew the fear of attack or death that could come at any moment. The trouble still brewed under the guise of polite society and while Conlan tried to keep Anna from it she was turning out to be the master of deception and a champion for her hero, Conlan. On more than one occasion she stands up and fights off the enemy he is trying to protect her from. They had both seen death and been forced to cause some to die but both knew regardless of their religious differences that the power drawing them to each other.

Anna’s sister is determined to keep her safe as well while her mother is distracted with her own gentleman caller. Anna is a survivor and fighter and will let nothing stop her from being the one woman Conlan cannot get over and ensuring that he knows they are a love match and he is truly worthy of his name. Plus what is Katherine, their mother up to with the art instructor?

It would be easy to say this book is sweet and tender which it is but you have to go further and say it is determined as well as enlightening. You have a wonderful relationship against the backdrop of very tumultuous times where it is difficult to trust anyone especially someone with your heart. But Laurel McKee has written such a book that draws you in with romance, educates with some history and melts your heart with their story.

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  1. Great review! Sounds like a wonderful book <3